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NAM countries called to move towards a peaceful and prosperous world

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Países de la MNOAL están llamados a avanzar hacia un mundo pacífico y próspero

During his speech, Yván Gil urged to consolidate unity for the construction of a new world, in defense of multilateralism and solidarity among peoples, reports an institutional press release.

Likewise, he highlighted the importance of countries complying with their international commitments in the areas of peace and security, disarmament and non-proliferation, development, the climate crisis, human rights, transnational organized crime, in addition to strengthening solidarity and cooperation.

In this sense, he indicated that the lessons left by the COVID-19 pandemic should be taken advantage of: “we must take advantage of this extraordinary situation, which has highlighted the deep inequities between the Global North and the South, as well as the effects of an unsustainable predatory model, in order to achieve the reform of the international financial architecture, which is today, morally, in ruins. NAM members must stand together within the framework of a truly inclusive and revitalized multilateralism”.


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