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Naked prison crisis: escapes, drug trafficking and millions of guaraníes circulating

A new escape from a penitentiary center exposes the crisis in which the country’s prison institutions find themselves. Added to this are the innumerable irregularities that have been reported for a long time.

This Tuesday the escape of nine inmates from the Coronel Oviedo Regional Prison was reported, of which seven have already been recaptured in the last few hours, once again calling into question the work of the Ministry of Justice and prison officials.

Months ago you had the massive escape of at least 45 inmates from the Misiones prison and another four from the Tacumbú Penitentiary.

The prison crisis is also reflected in the situation of ttrafficking of all kinds of drugs in prisons, such as the case of the Esperanza Industrial Penitentiary Unit (UPIE), where people deprived of their liberty leave as if nothing had happened and return with “merchandise” for sale.

At UPIE you can find from drugs, alcoholic beverages, radio frequencies and even closed-circuit camera monitoring pins. Days ago, the entry of food into the parcels of relatives of the inmates was limited, supposedly to favor the private canteen that moves millions of guaraníes a month.

Another emblematic case that puts the administration of Minister Daniel Benítez in “chake” is that of the cBolivian citizen, Irmaciara Terraza Hurtado, who is accused of being the partner of one of the heads of the Bolivian cartel (narco pilots). According to the complaints, she practically lives in Tacumbú, due to her good arrival with the prison authorities.

However, a conflict at hand would be the transfer of the Bolivians to the Oviedo prison, leaving a luxurious room in Tacumbú “vacant”.

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