Nacional tied with Cortuluá at the start of the BetPlay League title defense

Nacional tied with Cortuluá at the start of the BetPlay League title defense

Atlético Nacional faced Cortuluá for the first date of the Betplay League, in a match that took place on the highest stage of the Antioquians, and which was passed by interesting options on both sides, signing a 1-1.

It was a lukewarm start for the reigning Colombian champion in the tournamentin which there was a lack of effectiveness against the Tulueños goalkeeper, and the visit did the same with a goalkeeper who lived his first game as a professional.

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The start of the game showed a good presentation by those led by Hernan Dario Herrerahowever, there were no good advances and before the goal of the Valle del Cauca, the local could not define.

For its part, the visit also came out to propose, and on three occasions it approached the goal, but goalkeeper Marquínez (rookie)prevented the opening of the marker, likewise, Alexander Mejía generated an important closure a goal was invalidated for Tuluá with the intervention of the VAR.

Meanwhile, Brahian Palacios and Yeison Guzmán tried it for the homeowners, but their attempts did not reach a good point, and the duel went goalless at halftime.

However, for the second part there were two annotations from the penalty spot; first was Alexander Mejía (Captain of Nacional) who made the local fans celebrate after 61 minutes.

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Meanwhile, the forward Feiver Mercado executed a charge very well from the eleven steps at 80 minutes of the match, and from there the commitment was processed by the visitors. 1-1 at the end of the 90′.

When will Atlético Nacional play again for the Betplay League

Next Wednesday, July 13, Nacional will be a visitor to Junior de Barranquilla at the Metropolitano stadium, starting at 8:15 pm; while Cortuluá will play at home against Jaguares on the same day from 2:00.

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