MVM y PRD: “Los trabajadores son la bujía del desarrollo de los pueblos”

MVM and PRD: “The workers are the spark plug of the development of the peoples”

Miguel Vargas reaffirmed the PRD’s commitment to its pending social, economic, and legal demands.

The president of Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD)an engineer Miguel Vargas Maldonadorecognized the invaluable contribution of the workers, on the occasion of the International work dayand invited to reflect on the current situation of the Dominican working class.

Through a message on his official Twitter account, Vargas Maldonado stressed that thanks to the effort and dedication of the workers, the development of the towns is possible, “of which they are the main spark plug”.

In this sense, the PRD leader stated that his party is committed to supporting the demands of the workers that are pending materialization.

On International Labor Day, I pay tribute to the workers who, with their efforts, are the spark plug for the development of peoples”Vargas said.

“I reaffirm the commitment of the PRD with the crystallization of the pending claims for the improvement of their working and living conditions,” he added.

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The PRD understands that it is important that during these days of commemoration and celebration the ruling class assumes the task of reflecting on the situation of Dominican workers, in particular, the debt accumulated with them.

He explained that currently it is known, but with little political will and determination, the reform of the Labor Code and also the law that seeks to modify the Social Security System that governs the country.

In relation to both issues, the PRD has declared itself open to participating in the discussions to make these reforms viable, aware that other aspects that affect the working class must be addressed.

Among these, it proposes: urgent measures to control and reduce the cost of living and fuel, dignifying the wages and working conditions of all public and private workers, especially in the education and health sectors.

Also, the defense of trade union freedoms, guaranteeing the rights of working women with equal pay for equal work, protection during pregnancy and lactation, and legal protection for paid domestic work.

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