Musk demands that former Twitter security chief testify and hand over documents

Tycoon Elon Musk sued the former Twitter security chief, who accused the platform of lying, to provide documents and testify as part of the judicial process that opposes him to the social network.

Lawyers for the owner of SpaceX and Tesla served Peiter Zaitko a subpoena on Saturday, requesting all documents and communications in his possession related to “the impact and effects of fake accounts and spam on Twitter’s business,” according to the report. case document accessed by AFP.

In a complaint sent last month to two US regulators and the Justice Department, Zaitko blamed Twitter for poor cybersecurity.

He also accused company officials of deliberately exaggerating the scope of their fight against fake accounts and spam.

This last statement may reinforce the defense strategy of Musk, who said he had given up buying Twitter because the firm lied to him about the number of fake users and spam.

Musk wants Zaitko to turn over documents and communications from January 1 to the date of the request.

Musk also wants Zaitko to be called to testify on September 9 at a facility near his home in New Jersey.

Zaitko’s lawyer did not respond to AFP’s request for comment.

Musk also asks Zaitko to submit any documents related to measuring monetizable daily active users, a key indicator of the company’s performance.

Twitter’s dispute with Musk will be settled in a trial that begins on October 17 in a specialized court in Delaware and should last five days.

Musk is seeking to abandon his plan to buy Twitter for $44 billion and avoid paying termination fees for the business. YS

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