Music producers detained in Nicaragua are forced to leave the country

Music producers detained in Nicaragua are forced to leave the country

After 10 days of being detained without knowing the reasonthe government of President Daniel Ortega released music producers Salvador Espinoza and Xóchilt Tapia Reyes, on the condition that they leave the country, informed sources who remain anonymous.

The artists were arrested along with another group of musicians, on the eve of four years of anti-government demonstrations that left more than 300 dead.

According to local media, some of the detainees had participated in an event where April was slightly mentioned, which was the month that the demonstrations broke out four years ago.

Prior to the commemoration of the protests, the government began a new wave of raids and arrests against the few remaining critics in the country in order to exterminate any demand for justice for the victims of the repression.

that included siege of relatives of the dead in 2018; as well as social leaders and musical artists.

“It is a sign that nothing is normal. It is the intolerance of the dictatorship. They do not support that inalienable rights to the human being can be manifested, such as the simple fact of an artist singing their songs, or that a graphic artist shows their paintings regardless of whether they are for or against them, ”he expressed to the voice of america Nicaraguan composer Mario Rocha, who is in exile in Costa Rica.

According to the newspaper La Prensa, there are already five the expelled artists of the country, some of them Nicaraguans, violating their constitutional rights, according to the experts consulted.

Norma Rivera, mother of Salvador Espinoza, one of the expelled musicians, wrote in her facebook account qDue to the persecution against the artists, the entire family left the country and “is out of the tyrannical and dictatorial clutches that subjugate and oppress the Nicaraguan people.”

“(It was) 10 days of anguish, 10 days of torture. It hurts the soul to think of the children locked up without knowing anything about the physical and psychological state in which they find themselves. I was panicking. I had no news about how Salvador and Xochitl could be,” Rivera wrote about it.

He also reported that “Nicaragua, it’s a big prison in which many people are imprisoned in their homes, in their jobs, in their pain, in their mourning, in their tears, in their impotence”.

“The entire family is now out of the tyrannical and dictatorial clutches that overwhelm and oppress the Nicaraguan people. To all the family and friends who accompanied us throughout this nightmare, thank you, “added the mother.

Government had warned of escalation

Although the Nicaraguan government has not commented on the arrests, the country’s spokeswoman and vice president, Rosario Murillo, had warned that she would not allow any type of protest “that disturbs the peace” in Managua.

“Let no one dare to alter peace and the right to tranquility, security and build well-being for all Nicaraguan families! Let no one dare!” Said the vice president in a threatening tone during the four years of anti-government protests.

Nicaragua has been experiencing a serious human rights crisis since April 2018. Organizations estimate more than 300 deaths due to state repression.

The government has said that the demonstrations were an attempted coup against the mandate of Daniel Ortega, who has been in power for more than fifteen years.

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