Rosario Murillo: «April is to celebrate the peace for which we fight so much»

Murillo wants zero criticism of his regime under the excuse of respect for “national sovereignty”

The spokeswoman for the Nicaraguan regime, Rosario Murillo, reiterated that the “sovereignty of the country is not discussed” and defends itself as the “Sandinista heroes did 43 years ago,” in a criticism of the organizations and countries that speak out to denounce the outrages of his administration since 2018.

“National sovereignty is not discussed, I repeat aware that national sovereignty is not discussed, it is rescued and defended with the weapons of wisdom and serenity of spirit that we have learned from our national heroes,” said Murillo, in his meridian speech this April 18 by the official media.

He stressed that “April” is a month of victories and peace. “In these always victorious days, in these days of commemoration of the Sandinista insurrections that marked the paths of liberation 43 years ago, 43/19 we are going now,” he assured.

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This April 18, Rosario Murillo limited himself to saying that love has overcome hate in Nicaragua, alluding to the anti-government protests that began four years ago in the country.

Rosario Murillo threatens to “banish hatred”, in clear allusion to the Nicaraguan opposition

«Love can overcome everything, that love overcomes everything, as I have said, everything has been able and everything has known how to overcome. We have fought with love and have won with true love, that love that does not exclude, that does not despise, that does not diminish, that does not attack those who only devote themselves with devotion to what counts, to what is worth (…) and to life. good that we all deserve, “he stressed.

“Days to celebrate ourselves in peace and well, days to celebrate our honor, our glory, our victories, days to celebrate that the path is always beyond,” he added.

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