Murillo ignores widespread condemnation of OAS delegations for theft of their offices

Murillo ignores widespread condemnation of OAS delegations for theft of their offices

The vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, remained silent in the face of the general condemnation made this Wednesday by member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the seizure of its facilities by the regime of Daniel Ortega, who announced that it will be used so that the “museum of infamy” works.

On the morning of this April 27, during the extraordinary session, the regional body denounced that the Nicaraguan regime “reached the extreme; there are no limits in the country”, because they did not respect the “diplomatic sanctity” of the headquarters.

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To the rejection of the onslaught of the dictatorship, Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina joined, who turned their backs on Ortega and Murillo, also assuring that the seizure of the OAS offices was illegal and that “the OAS Charter was violated and international law.”

The Nicaraguan government spokesperson ignored all the accusations and preferred to announce the release of a thousand common prisoners who were held in different prisons in Tipitapa, Matagalpa, Juigalpa, Granada, Estelí and Bluefields.

Ortega Regime declares the real estate of the OAS of public utility

«937 men and 63 women. We are looking at photos of family gatherings and reunions. Happy and strengthened in faith, in trust in God that from families, from homes, thousands of people are going to rediscover the paths of good,” Murillo reported.

Regarding vaccination against COVID-19the deputy dictator explained that five million 750 thousand people two years of age and older have been vaccinated against the pandemic, of which 4 million 666 thousand 783 have the complete scheme and one million 37 thousand 37,792 have a dose ».

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In other announcements, the wife of the dictator Daniel Ortega announced the “long weekend” that she has named for Monday, February 2, which will be a Labor Day holiday, as mandated by national legislation.

He also pointed out the economic and technical cooperation agreement that will be signed this afternoon between the Ortega government and the People’s Republic of China. “We are talking about a housing program that is the first part of financing for housing. There are more than 60 million dollars for housing”, specified the deputy president.

Murillo closed his intervention by telephone by stating that his regime continues in brotherhood despite “the aggressions of the powers.” Faced with the regime’s silence, Arturo McFields, former Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS, indicated that Daniel Ortega’s administration “has suffered a devastating moral and political defeat” before the continental body, which showed its unanimous condemnation of the expropriation of the diplomatic headquarters in Managua.

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