Murillo charges again against bishops and political prisoners

Murillo charges again against bishops and political prisoners

In her monologue this April 5, vice-dictator Rosario Murillo aimed her cannons to virulently attack the priests of the Catholic Church, the opposition, and the political prisoners of her regime. In her hackneyed speech against “imperialism” she accused the priests – without mentioning them – and opponents of manipulating “poor families” to exercise “violence” in the streets and to serve them.

“Just as crimes against humanity are condemned, trials and convictions are also demanded for those who practice vices and inappropriate behavior, including, unfortunately, even minors,” Murillo said in his phone call to his family’s media.

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“Inappropriate behaviors are also those that move people who claim to represent creeds, leaders of faith and in an alcoholic state, in an alcoholic state; of people who pretend to do their thing by shouting, violating the laws. We see all this and we live it. And for all that we have laws, we have sentences, society in general, the family that is concerned about those behaviors that are harmful to respect for human dignity, “he continued.

The bishops and priests of the Catholic Church played a very important role in the crisis of April 2018, they opened their temples to shelter the protesters who were attacked by the Police and paramilitaries, they were mediators in the National Dialogue and they proposed to Ortega a roadmap to end the crisis and call new elections.

The regime’s spokeswoman threatened the opposition not to submit to her orders that her dictatorship has laws and sentences. “We are all equal, we all have to comply with the laws, observe them, we all know what we are talking about,” she argued.

“We defend the right to live in peace”

Murillo justified the sentences imposed by his judges for political prisoners, he assured that “there is a general condemnation of those who dared to alter the peace, to break the peace, to kill the peace and to kill human beings, the condemnation is general.”

«Nobody in a country that has suffered so much can want this type of incident, which rather consolidated that awareness of the urgency of peace, the daily urgency of peace. We are in April and April is made to live in peace, April is to grow culturally and spiritually taking note of everything that counts, of everything that is really worth that is not only what makes some people feel powerful: money, “he said.

«They deceive themselves because they believe they are powerful and authorized to kill, to fill the streets with violence, to manipulate people, poor families and pay them, they manipulated to serve them and the imperialists of the earth. In Nicaragua never again. We want, defend and demand the right to live in peace,” Murillo said.

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