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Murillo attacks independent journalists: “They sow alarm and terror”

Murillo attacks independent journalists: "They sow alarm and terror"

Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo railed against independent media and journalists. In her new attack, she compared the Russian propagandists who were recently in the country to hold various “training and exchanges” with the official media of the Daniel Ortega dictatorship with the men and women of the press whom she calls ” liars.”

«We are saying goodbye to the fellow RT communicators in Spanish who have been with us for a week. They have accompanied us, we have exchanged, we have talked, we have communicated; we have all learned together”, highlighted the first lady.

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In a clear attack on the independent Nicaraguan media, the deputy dictator said that with the Russian communicators and their propagandist media “they have learned to identify more and more the big lies of the so-called media that has nothing to do with communication.”

The wife of the dictator Daniel Ortega affirmed that the independent media and critics of his regime «they sow alarm; many times they sow terror because that is the communication culture that we see, that we live and that we discard».

He assures that he works for “true communication”

Murillo, who has censored and confiscated dozens of independent media outlets, including the Canal 100% Noticias, La Prensa and Confidencial building, assured that his dictatorship is “working” for a “true” communication that does not precisely allow raising through the dissemination of the effort that we, the peoples, make…”.

“We have exchanged, we have known, we have learned and we are going to continue doing it, because it is essential in this world of despicableness, of permanent protection of domain and ignorance on the part of the authors and actors of the crimes,” he said.

Murillo excited by the arrival of Russian propagandists. “It is a means of communication that tells the truth,” she exalted. Photo: Article 66 / Government

In addition, he accused the independent media of “ignoring all their crimes, those of yesterday, those of today and those that we cannot allow them to continue committing, but that is what we are here for, to learn, to defend ourselves and spread with great pride what we are and what we do”.

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The spokeswoman assured that it is up to her regime to continue “forging” the freedoms and democracy of the peoples. “We must cultivate love in all its splendor (…) so that we reach from that true truth and that we can better interpret and reach the world that urges us,” she said.

Day of vaccines against COVID-19 and thousands of activities

The coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council reported that this week they have vaccinated 70,000 people against COVID-19. In addition, she indicated that more than six million 200 thousand have been inoculated.

Murillo again attacks independent media: “They sow alarm and terror.” Photo: Article 66 / Government

“This is a protection that helps us (…) so that we all feel more prepared if the disease arrives, if the disease challenges us, we can transcend it, spend it happily,” he said.

In his monologue, Murillo took the opportunity to announce more than seven thousand activities “among cultural, sports, recreational, popular festivals, treasonous festivals” that his regime has politicized.

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