Murillo assures that they are "committed to biblical values", while attacking opponents with insults

Murillo assures that they are “committed to biblical values”, while attacking opponents with insults

The spokeswoman for the Nicaraguan regime, Rosario Murillo, went wild in insults against opponents when recalling the death of the Sandinista militant Bismarck Martínez. “They thought they were erasing him from the face of the earth, but no,” said Murillo, who blames the demonstrators of the 2018 civic protests for his disappearance.

“Four years after the infamous, reprehensible kidnapping of Bismarck Martínez, our people condemn all those perpetrators, they are the evil ones, those who wanted to sow, leave hatred, sow it as a seed so that it would flourish, those that we repudiate, those that we reject, those that that we repel, “said the deputy president.

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Murillo said that “we know how to overcome pain, suffering, absence and we know how to continue being what we should be: heroic Nicaraguans committed to peace and good, committed to brotherhood, to biblical values, to Sandinista values, revolutionary , committed to the new triumphs that we are creating».

2018 protests in Nicaragua. Photo: Internet

The deputy president took the opportunity to promote her entitled “month of joy and triumphs”, referring to the month of July, where the regime celebrates with numerous activities with its fans. «July of triumphs, July of work that we all increase together, July of intelligence, July to advance, to grow, to honor all the brothers and sisters of that heroic heritage who have left us the duty to strengthen dignity, freedom, fraternity» , he stated.

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Since 2018, Nicaragua has suffered a social and political crisis. Currently, the regime has increased its repression, imprisoning more than 180 political prisoners and sending thousands of opponents and journalists into exile.

After four years, the relatives of those murdered in the social protests still do not receive justice, rather they are subjected to siege, harassment and threatened with jail.

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