Murillo announces that the inauguration of the technical center in facilities stolen from La Prensa will be on April 19

Murillo announces that the inauguration of the technical center in facilities stolen from La Prensa will be on April 19

The regime of Daniel Ortega will inaugurate the new José Coronel Urtecho Cultural and Polytechnic Center “The past will not return” on April 19, as reported by Vice President Rosario Murillo. This center has been set up in the facilities that belonged to the newspaper La Prensa and that were stolen by the Sandinista dictatorship.

Murillo announced that they will inaugurate the center in the middle of the commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the civic protests in Nicaragua, which began in April 2018. “In celebration, in joy, the joy of living in peace, we are going to be inaugurating the Center Cultural and Polytechnic José Coronel Urtecho “The past will not return” precisely on April 19. This is how we go forward, in permanent construction, in permanent protection of peace, of progress, the achievements that allow life in peace, in permanent progress of our blessed homeland, peace, law, well-being,” said the spokesperson for the regime. .

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Through his half-day communication in official media, Murillo also said that a festival will be held on the opening day with artists, instructors, cultural promoters, youth and families from Managua. “During this festival, everything we will do in terms of training, in terms of teaching at the José Coronel Urtecho center will be promoted,” he added.

Installations of the new cultural center of the dictatorship in a building occupied by La Prensa.

The deputy president has pointed out to La Prensa as “a machination den for crimes against humanity” and therefore, justified that her dictatorship turned the newsroom into a “center for profound spirituality.”

Faced with this situation, the media outlet stated that “the regime is trying to put an end to 96 years of history of the dean of national journalism, dismantling the campus that houses it.” Despite the censorship imposed by Ortega, the imprisonment of its president Juan Lorenzo Holmann and other executives, the outlet has not stopped reporting through its digital platform on the political crisis that the country is experiencing.

For their part, the relatives of the poet José Coronel Urtecho have rejected that the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo use the name of the founder of the Nicaraguan Vanguardia literary movement in the new cultural center.

According to La Prensa, whose editorial staff was forced into exile last July after the arrest of two employees, their assets “at the time of the confiscation had a value close to 10 million dollars.”

This Thursday, March 23, the National Technological Institute (Inatec) also published in the official newspaper La Gaceta a tender resolution to equip this new cultural center, for a total of 5.8 million córdobas.

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