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Murillo announces alleged construction of a residential complex in a fair park confiscated from Expica

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Closing of Expica fair leaves millionaire losses in Nicaragua and CA

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo directed the construction of a residence for low-income families in the fairgrounds of the Central American Isthmus Livestock Exhibition (Expica), thus making official the confiscation of the property that had been taken by the Police since last Tuesday, September 20.

The measure was announced by Vice President Murillo in her monologue this afternoon, in which she made it clear that the supposed residence will be called El Mirador Xolotlán, will house at least 450 families and the first homes will be delivered in the first fortnight of december.

The official added that “the design of streets is already being carried out and this distribution will have the services of energy, drinking water, sanitation and will be available to families in the financial logic of the Bismarck Martínez program.” They are homes of “more or less 70 meters, with plots of land of 150 square meters and expansion options,” she explained.

Murillo pointed out that this supposed new residential “is precisely where the Expica lands were, which were recovered by the Nicaraguan State to make them available to Nicaraguan families.”

days ago representatives of the National Livestock Commission of Nicaragua (Conagan) They assured that the invasion and kidnapping of the installations of the fair park It was “an error”, from the legal point of view, and they trusted they could prove it before the Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

Last Tuesday, September 20, agents of the National Police and the PGR they invaded the fairgrounds, where the offices of the Livestock Exhibition of the Central American Isthmus (Expica), those of Conagan, as well as two other private companies that simply rented premises in that place, also operated, confirmed to CONFIDENTIAL a source from the livestock sector who asked not to be identified by name.

This source recounted that very early on that Tuesday, a police contingent arrived at the fairgrounds accompanied by personnel from the Attorney General’s Office, demanding the delivery of the keys to each office, also taking possession of the equipment and furniture, while expelling administrative and security personnel, leaving the entire park under police guard.

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