Murillo affirms that the prices of liquefied gas and fuels will continue to be frozen

Murillo affirms that the prices of liquefied gas and fuels will continue to be frozen

Once again, the prices of liquefied gas and fuels in Nicaragua will continue to be frozen in the period from May 15 to 21, as reported by Vice President Rosario Murillo, in her usual speech at noon this Friday, May 13, through of their propaganda media.

Fuel costs are being subsidized through an investment of approximately four million dollars that have been earmarked to avoid an increase in costs as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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“Our government maintains the prices of gas for domestic use, also of regular and super gasoline; assuming 100 percent, to guarantee the stability of production work, of trade; of life in general,” said the spokeswoman for the Ortega regime, anticipating the statement from the Nicaraguan Institute of Energy (INE) and the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

He added that his regime, in a “responsible” manner, assumes the costs of the increases that occur in the international market to protect the cost of living of Nicaraguan families, without mentioning that the subsidy ends up being assumed by the Nicaraguans themselves with their taxes.

This is the fifth consecutive week that Daniel Ortega’s dictatorship freezes fuel prices in Nicaragua, after a strong wave of increases that has led Nicaraguans to pay almost 50 córdobas for a liter of super gasoline and 400 córdobas for 25-pound liquefied gas tank.

Last increase was on April 3

According to Ortega’s decision to keep the prices of gasoline and diesel frozen, these would maintain their cost for the corresponding week from April 3 to 9, when the super gasoline Y regular increased 1.33 cordobas per liter.

For liter, the super gasoline is currently listed on 49.03 cordobasregular 47.84 córdobas, while diesel, the most consumed fuel in the country, is bought from 43.16 cordobas.

Current fuel prices in Nicaragua. Photo: Article 66 / Noel Miranda

For gallonthe super gasoline it has a price of 185.57 cordobas, the regular 181.07 and diesel costs 163.36 cordobas. This week will remain the same, starting at zero hours on Sunday, April 24.

oil increase

As for the costs of oil, it was known that these suffered a rise. For this Friday May 13th. The price of brent oil it rose to $109.99, up some +$2.54 (+2.36%) from $107.45 at Thursday’s close in London.

As for the price of wti Oil, which is the reference for Nicaragua, this increases to 108.76 dollars. rising some +2.54 USD (+2.39%) vs. 106.13 at Thursday’s close in New York.

Murillo affirms that the prices of liquefied gas and fuels will continue to be frozen
oil increase

In interview with Article 66, the economist Maikel Marenco explained that for the sake of the international context that is being experienced, with the increase in international crude oil prices, due to the issue of the war between Russia and Ukraine and the conflict in the Middle East, it is “a benefit that freeze prices.

“However, the analysis is not given in such a brief way, because last year there was also a freeze in fuel prices, but it was done when international prices decreased and not when international prices were increasing,” explained the specialist.

On the other hand, and putting aside the economic crisis that the country is experiencing, Rosario Murillo reported that 6,200 activities are scheduled for this weekend, including sports, culture, which have become propaganda for his regime and where the agglomeration to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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