Daniel Arturo Rosales Frixione

Murderer, son of former magistrate Francisco Rosales, also carried a weapon without permission

Daniel Arturo Rosales Frixione, 38, will have to face justice again for illegal possession of weapons. As it will be remembered, the son of a former magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice was sentenced to 26 years in prison for fatally running over a couple from the department of Rivas, on March 21.

The young people, whose names were Pedro Cubillo Mora, 30, and his partner, Eilish Milagro Mora Torrez, 24, were traveling on a motorcycle with their 18-month-old baby, who after being seriously ill in the hospital days after the accident He managed to recover satisfactorily.

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Crimes of homicide, very serious injuries, exposure and abandonment of people were the crimes read before the conviction, however, the Prosecutor’s Office indicates in the accusation presented on June 27 that the Police seized him, on March 22, 2023, at the implicated a red and black backpack that contained in the first deposit a pistol-type firearm, Beretta brand, with its charger, containing seven cartridges, 25 caliber. Rosales had it in his possession without even having the proper license.

crime charged

The raid by the Police occurred the day after the accident that Rosales caused and in which the two young men lost their lives. The Police obtained information on the whereabouts of Rosales Frixione, since she had fled towards the municipality of San Juan del Sur, however, she was at the home of citizen Jeremy Wilson Whiteway, located in the María Auxiliadora neighborhood, jurisdiction of the municipality coast, where cash and the illegal pistol were seized.

In the accusation of the Prosecutor’s Office, it is detailed that Daniel Rosales Frixione, in accordance with articles 41 and 42 of the Nicaraguan Penal Code, is co-author of the crime of illegally carrying or possessing firearms or ammunition, to the detriment of the State of Nicaragua, in accordance with the provisions of article 401 of the Penal Code of Nicaragua, Law No. 641.

Residents fear a “presidential pardon”

The population of the department of Rivas is still dismayed by this case that caused a stir among citizens. The different users of social networks assure that they fear that Rosales Frixione will be released, through the pardon law, and ask that he be officially presented to the different local media of the municipality to corroborate said conviction.

Murderer, son of former magistrate Francisco Rosales, also carried a weapon without permission
Murderer, son of former magistrate Francisco Rosales, also carried a weapon without permission

The young woman died instantly, however, Pedro Cubillo died minutes later at the Rivas hospital.

“They say that this boy will serve a sentence, but we demand that they present him to the population, then they are released opting to leave the country and over time he commits another crime and goes through life killing people. We hope that in this case there will be justice and the two deaths of these young people do not go unpunished, let us remember that they left a child as an orphan,” they point out.

«All the prisoners are presented by the Rivas Police, but how strange that this man has not been presented. We hope that this is not a circus because justice in the country is getting worse and worse, they are capable of granting him probation, we already know how the Police worked in the country, anyone makes and undoes the laws of Nicaragua, “they warn.

By: United Voices.

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