Municipality of Montevideo will carry out a survey of non-binary people

The Municipality of Montevideo (IM) announced that it will carry out a survey to find out how many non-binary people live in the city, and under what conditions. The data that the commune will collect seeks to establish how that population lives, what their needs and experiences are in the city, he explained.

It also includes topics such as gender identity and expression, use of pronouns, employment status and education, place of residence and coexistence, services and health, discrimination and public spaces.

It will be done through a form that will be available until July 29, he reported in his website.

“The information obtained will provide inputs for the articulation and design of departmental public policies that improve the quality of life of these people”he added.

The data provided will be processed by a technical team from the administration, while the first results will be announced in September, during Diversity Month.

“From the commune we work against all kinds of discrimination, building equality and defending diversity,” added the letter.

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