Municipal shelter: three sick refugees were treated, one remains hospitalized

The Municipal Secretary of Health of the Mayor’s Office, through its director Roberto Vargas, informed that three refugees from the shelter have been treated by specialists doctors because they have different illnesses. One of them is still hospitalized.

“Two people are with alcoholic problemsone has alcoholic encephalopathy (disorders of brain function caused by alcohol) and the other liver cirrhosis. There is also another patient admitted to the El Bajío hospital with a vascular problem. The rest of the people who receive their reception are stable,” reported Vargas.

According to the Secretary of Health, daily medical check-ups are carried out on people homeless who arrive at the municipal shelter, located in the bus terminal in the La Ramada area. He detailed that Covid tests are taken and in some cases they are vaccinated against this virus.

For her part, Adriana Pedraza, Secretary of Human Development, indicated that in the more than two weeks of operation of the shelter more than 600 breakfasts have already been distributed and the same number of dinners. He also highlighted the coordinated work between the municipal secretaries that allows them to provide good care to refugees.

While Ariel Lino, Secretary of Citizen Security, commented that in the 14 days of attention there is an average of between 40 and 45 people received per day at the shelter.

However, he clarified that these numbers have increased in recent nights, since yesterday 60 people arrived and the highest figure was 75 in a single day.

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