Municipal officials entered Villa Zamora with false permits

Municipal officials entered Villa Zamora with false permits

This Tuesday the Special Commission to Investigate Fascist Acts of the National Assembly questioned the directors of: Control and Follow-up of the Office of Territorial and State Control of the Ministry for Ecosocialism of Miranda, in which they received the permits granted that gave entry to officials of the Zamora mayor’s office, to the Villa Zamora 2021 Parcelamiento in Guatire and that led to an alleged severe environmental damage and land dispossession to peasants.

In said appearance, the interviewees consigned documents alleging that the alleged permits “were forged” and that it does not correspond to the signature and seal of the MINEC.

In this regard, the president of the Special Commission, Deputy Ricardo Molina, said that among the damages, the felling of 18 trees, agricultural crops and livestock, “with a permit that these representatives used was forged, that is, the offenders presented a permit false as they tell us, which brought harm to families, older adults, children and adolescents, who lived in the subdivision”, refers to a press release.

In the same way, he assured that at this moment the authenticity of the documents is carried out and the whereabouts of the wood of the centennial trees that were felled is also being investigated.

“It is a crime, an aggression against nature, all of this will be collected in a report that will be presented in the next few days in plenary session of the National Parliament and that will serve as support for the instances of the moral and judicial powers and thus do justice. ”.

He assured that the mayor of the Zamora municipality, Raziel Rodríguez, acted with a fascist vision, “where economic interests prevailed over families, it is the work we have been doing to clarify the case,” he said.

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