Municipal debate: Omar Chehade proposes to formalize and relocate street workers

Municipal debate: Omar Chehade proposes to formalize and relocate street workers

The candidate for the Mayor’s Office of Lima for the Alliance for Progress (APP), Omar Chehade, presented his main proposals for the Regional and Municipal Elections that will be held next Sunday, October 2.

During the debate organized by the National Elections Jury (JNE) this Sunday, Chehade Moya emphasized that street workers will be formalized and relocated to strategic areas of the city.

We have to train the supervisors, so that the OCI works in a transparent manner and not as it has been doing, colluding with the mayor for control. We are not going to throw out the itinerant workers, we are going to formalize them with attractive proposals granting them medical insurance, social security and relocating them in the strategic poles of Lima”, he stated.

The candidate for the municipal chair of Lima also said that one of the ways in which they propose to reduce social insecurity is through the promotion of art, sports and education.

If we want to defeat crime, citizen insecurity, we have to promote art, culture, sports, education. We have several gastronomic fairs that we are going to implement from the first days of management“, held.

Likewise, Omar Chehad assured that they will prioritize pedestrian transport and cyclists. In that sense, he proposed the creation and improvement of bike paths and pedestrian crossings.

We will prioritize pedestrian transport and cycling transport. 25% of transportation in Metropolitan Lima is on foot or by bicycle. Improve bike lanes and give priority to pedestrians, disabled people”, he pointed out.


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