Municipal debate LIVE: Eight candidates for Mayor of Lima present their proposals

Municipal debate LIVE: Eight candidates for Mayor of Lima present their proposals

Update: 8:18 p.m.

Yuri Castro (Free Peru):

In order to fight corruption we must have transparency. We have to upload the service orders and the minor ones so that the citizens can see it. We will implement a complaint system so that citizens can report if they ask for a ‘little oil’. I don’t have any open investigation.

Rafael López Aliaga (Popular Renewal):

The defense of respect for all citizens is basic. We do not preach hate. We preach love. It is on the basis of love that we must all get out of the serious problem of structural corruption. We must have quick help with (common) pots. My plan is to have tanks worth 30,000 soles under each hillside and pumps worth 7,000 soles to carry the water.

Gonzalo Alegría (Together for Peru):

You have to invest in roads. We will make a new access to San Juan de Lurigancho. That Lima Norte have a new access through the Santa Rosa bridge. Expand the ditch. In addition, the cable car and other transportation works. We must continue making tunnels like the one between Rímac and SJL. The Central Highway must be reopened for the Santa Anita market to work.

Daniel Urresti (Podemos Peru):

It is imperative that we restore citizen security. The first urgent action we will take is to ensure that the Police capture 200 criminals a day in flagrante delicto. This will be achieved by contracting a thousand shortlists daily.

Urresti avoided answering about the Hugo Bustíos case.

Omar Chehade (Alliance for Progress):

On culture: Our proposal is social. If we want to defeat crime, we have to propose art, culture, sports and education. We are going to implement various gastronomic and cultural fairs. By reopening the Historic Center we are going to promote what was lost with this lousy government. We are going to improve the bike paths and we will give priority to disabled people.

Elizabeth León (Front of Hope Party 2021):

The first thing we must do is implement risk management offices.

George Forsyth (We are Peru):

My commitment is with the citizens. Not with the parties. When I’m in charge, we’re going to support every one of the neighbors. About street vendors: They can be relocated. There are premises and assets seized. There are premises, what is needed is management.

Maria Elena Soto (Advance Country)

We will present a bill so that robbery crimes are considered as urban terrorism and that they have custodial sentences.


At 8:00 p.m. this Sunday, the . From six in the afternoon the candidates for the . The event, organized by the takes place in the Ella Dunbar Temple auditorium of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.

Daniel Urresti, Rafael López Aliaga, George Forsyth, Gonzalo Alegría, Elizabeth León, Omar Chehade, Yuri Castro and María Elena Soto participate.

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The laptops of the candidates for the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima reached the exterior of the San Marcos University. Minutes before the start of the debate, there was a small brawl between supporters of Daniel Urresti and law enforcement officials.

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Ipsos Survey on Municipal Elections 2022
Ipsos Survey on Municipal Elections 2022

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