MRA increases budget for salary payments

MRA increases budget for salary payments

In the monthly reports of the municipality of Mariano Roque Alonso (MRA), available on its website, it is observed that the commune increased its budget for current expenses by G. 4,330 million. From 36,545 million it went to G. 40,876 million. Current expenses consist of personal services such as salary payments, basic remuneration and more.

Carolina Aranda, mayor of Mariano Roque Alonso, is the wife of deputy Marcelo Salinas (Liberal Llanista). She is also the only woman, among 19 mayors of the Central Department. She holds the position for the second time since she had already been elected in the 2015 elections. Her last victory was achieved by only 113 votes difference against the Colorado candidate. Her current mandate will end in 2025. She was recently denounced by eight officials for alleged unjustified dismissals. According to the complainants, the dismissals were for political reasons, since those affected are not part of her political team.

Ricardo Torres, a resident of the city and member of the “Civil Association of Citizen Audit in Mariano Roque Alonso”, reported that the mayor and councilors did not report this increase in the budget of expenses. “What were they based on to increase that spending budget in the middle of an election year?” he questioned. It should be remembered that the internal elections will be in December of this year and Salinas, the mayor’s husband, seeks to be elected as alternate senator for the Coalition.

Torres also questioned that in the first four months of the year, the commune allocated G. 9,600 million in personal services (staff salaries) and G. 2,500 million in non-personal services (hired personnel). Between the two they add up to G. 12 billion (70%) of current expenses. Another striking aspect is that more than G. 500 million were also allocated to fuels and lubricants”.


Another aspect questioned by the resident is that the commune awarded an administrative and financial consultant. It is the firm R&C Asociados of Gustavo Recalde Cañete. The value of the contract is G. 114 million (US$ 16 thousand). The striking aspects is that it is a direct tender. In addition, the commune has its own financial director.

MRA increases budget for salary payments
Current expenses went from G. 36,545 million to G. 40,876 million.

MRA increases budget for salary payments

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