"Mr. Happy Face"the new ugliest dog in the world

"Mr. Happy Face"the new ugliest dog in the world

With his tongue always on the side, “Mr. Happy Face” does its name justice. But this dog is more than joy, conquering with his attributes a jury in California that this Friday crowned him as “The Ugliest Dog in the World”

The 17-year-old Chinese Crested disputed the prize with nine other competitors in the return of the contest that for decades has been held at the Sonora-Marin fairheld annually in Petaluma, California.

Among the candidates was the furry “Wild Thing”, the flirty “Liberace”, the pug “Jinny Lu”, and “Mono”a Brussels griffon.

“Mr. Happy Face” has a white plume and short ears. It was his joy that captivated his guardian, Jeneda Benally, who adopted him last year during the pandemic.

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When Benally arrived at the kennel in Arizona, he heard about an elderly puppy with some health problems. “The staff tried to prepare me for what I was about to see“, recounted Benally in the introduction of “Mr. Happy Face” for the contest.

“I saw a creature that was actually old, needed another chance and deserved love,” summarizes Benally, who also tells how this puppy also faced a life of “abuse and neglect.”

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