MP solicita orden de aprehensión contra 5 ex diputados miembros del grupo delictivo "gobierno interino"

MP requests arrest warrant against five former deputies members of the criminal group “interim government”

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, informed the Venezuelan population at a press conference that the arrest of former deputies Dinorah Figuera, Marianela Fernández and Auristela Vásquez was requested through the Public Ministry (MP); “who claim to be directors of the National Assembly (AN) that expired in 2021.”

Saab explained that the crimes that are coined against these former deputies have to do with usurpation of functions, treason, money laundering and association.

Likewise, he clarified that these citizens are eradicated in Spain and the United States “we are going to see what the governments of those countries do with our requests.”

In addition to the arrest warrant, on January 7, the 2nd Anti-Terrorism Control Court requested an international red alert, a measure of seizure and seizure of assets, the blocking and immobilization of accounts, and the prohibition of transferring and encumbering

Additionally, the Attorney General reported that arrest warrants were also issued against the false secretary of that illegitimate Assembly, José Figueredo Márquez, and the false undersecretary Luis Alberto Bustos.

“We must remember that on January 23, 2019, in a public act, the unnameable former deputy proclaimed himself interim president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; From that moment on, a criminal group calling itself the “interim government” carried out a series of illegal activities, supported by the US government and executed with the collaboration of other submissive governments, which allowed them to seize important assets of the Republic abroad. , such as Citgo and Monomeros”, he pointed out.

In the same way, it was learned by a spokesperson for the Department of State in the United States, that this criminal group, called the “interim government”, has delivered the figure of two thousand 700 million dollars.

“It is not about donated money, it is about money from all Venezuelans, which has been stolen by this group of criminals. Where is that money? I imagine that in the purchase of assets outside the country and in tax havens, ”she said.

Likewise, he denounced that the members of the so-called “interim government” have acquired assets on behalf of third parties, natural and legal, for which the MP deployed actions to be able to identify those assets and rescue them, “it should be noted that this gang and its henchmen do not They only orchestrated and carried out fictitious acts of government, but also participated in conspiratorial and terrorist acts.”

It added that the 27 investigations opened by the Public Ministry have reached the following achievements to date:

1.- Regarding the fictitious acts of the government, there are 65 people with an arrest warrant, 12 people with an extradition request, 3 people arrested who have already been accused, in addition to 59 searches and 55 seizures.

2.- Regarding the armed conspiracy acts known as Operation Gideon I and II and Operation Libertad, there are 193 people with an arrest warrant; 1 person with extradition request, there are 123 people in custody, who have already been accused, 16 of them are in the preliminary phase, 45 people are on trial, 63 people convicted; and 51 raids and 91 seizures have been carried out

3.- Regarding the irregularities in Monomeros, 30 arrest warrants have been agreed, there are 3 people arrested who have already been accused, 27 searches and 3 seizures have been carried out

In total, 288 arrest warrants have been issued, 129 people have been arrested and have already been accused; there are 13 people with extradition requests, 63 people have been convicted, 137 raids have been carried out

149 seizures have been made and 261 actual measures have been issued. In total, 1,233 actions have been carried out by the Public Ministry so that there is no impunity. This reflects a daily work, without rest and in permanent contact.


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