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MP accuses bus driver of reckless driving

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MP accuses bus driver of reckless driving

The Public Ministry accuses the driver of the bus that overturned last Thursday on the Bulevar Turístico del Este, with 51 tourists on board, of having driven recklessly and not having observed the rules established in the law of transit.

The accusatory file against Franklin Nin Pérez, 47, accuses him of having violated article 220 of Law No. 63-17, on Mobility, Land Transportation, Transit and Road Safety of the Dominican Republic.

“People who drive a vehicle recklessly, challenging or affecting the rights and safety of other people or property, will be sanctioned with a fine equivalent to (2) two to five (5) minimum wages prevailing in the centralized public sector. , without prejudice to the civil and criminal sanctions that may correspond, and to the reduction of points in the license determined by the regulations”, says article 220 of Law 63-17.

The request for a coercive measure against Nin Pérez, consisting of one year of preventive detention, also cites that article 303 of the same legislation in its numerals 3, 4 and 5, which establish that drivers who are responsible for a accident from which people are killed or injured could receive sanctions from three days to one year in jail and the payment of minimum wages from one to 50.

“The involuntary death of a person or more persons will imply a sanction of one (1) year to three (3) years in prison and a fine in the amount of ten (10) to fifty (50) minimum wages prevailing in the sector. centralized public”, says numeral 5 of article 301 of the law of transit.

In addition, numerals 2 and 4 of article 304 that penalize driving at high speed and under the influence of drugs, cases in which it contemplates sanctions of up to one year in prison and the payment of up to 100 minimum wages.

Another item that is reported to have violated the driver is 235 in its numeral one, which indicates that you must gradually reduce speed and turn on your turn signals before making a turn.

“Drivers who intend to turn right must turn on the turn signal at a distance of no less than fifty (50) meters and stay in the right lane before reaching the edge of the public road to turn,” says numeral one of the law of transit.

To the driver The violation of article 231 of the same law is attributed to him, which establishes the obligation to wear a seat belt and allow people to hinder the vision and the correct performance of vehicle maneuvers, among other safety regulations. transit.

the rollover

The overturning of the Volkswagen brand bus, year 2017, occurred on the 6th of the current month on the Eastern Tourist Boulevard, BavarianLa Altagracia province, left three women dead (Valeria Victoria Brovelli, Valeria Paola Medina and Carla Rodríguez) and 46 injured.

The hearing of knowledge of coercive measures was set for October 12 at 10:00 in the morning at the Permanent Attention Office of the municipality of Higüey, after it was postponed this Saturday.

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