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Moving farewell to Viva pilot returning a plane

Moving farewell to Viva pilot returning a plane

After eight months of requesting help from the air authority, Viva Air, a Colombian airline, closed its operations more than a month ago due to not having financial liquidity to continue operating. As a result of this, the more than 5,000 direct and indirect employees have shown their most vulnerable side for a company for which they worked for more than 10 years.

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A captain says goodbye to the control tower

The following conversation were the last words that were spoken between the control tower personnel (to be cited as TC) and a Captain (to be cited as C) before the delivery of one of Viva’s aircraft to the lessor.

TC: 575 Commander, on behalf of control and millions of Colombians who managed to fly with Viva Colombia and fulfilled a dream with the company, Total gratitude, and from control, a very special greeting and always remembering it. Very good day.

C: Man, It breaks my heart, letting go has been very difficult, the gratitude is from us to you for taking care of us for so many years, truly We have no way to thank all they have done for us, We will always carry them in our hearts, thank you very much for the support.

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TC: With pleasure, Commander and God bless you, happy day.

C: A hug for you too, thank you very much for the message, you broke my voice Thanks again, see you later.

It is worth remembering that the airline Viva received endorsement for her return to heaven hand in hand with Avianca, however, the red airline reviews the possibility of its integration, since it considers that Viva no longer has the same financial muscleIn addition, added to the conditions of the Civil Aeronautics, it would no longer be such an attractive option for the market.

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Now, the return of Viva to the air market is a possibility clouded by uncertainty.

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