Movement 23: CVG Bauxilum fails to comply with the reinstatement of non-required workers

Movement 23: CVG Bauxilum fails to comply with the reinstatement of non-required workers

The union leaders also rejected the company’s refusal for active workers to use the transportation service, this as a strategy so that they cannot attend their jobs.

Text: Francesca Diaz / Mail of the Caroni

The Movimiento 23 trade union group, chaired by Rolando Muñoz, denounced that CVG Bauxilum continues to fail to comply with the reinstatement order for unrequited workers, a figure created in the pandemic to avoid staff overload in companies, as a result of the decrease in productive activities. due to confinement.

According to Muñoz’s statements, the number of those affected includes at least 400 employees of the state company. Likewise, Muñoz recalled that during the month of June the workers not required spent a fortnight without receiving their salary due to that status and, despite the fact that the board resolved the situation and made the corresponding payment, since then the “not required” stopped receiving their salary. perceive the benefit of the bag of food.

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“Rejoin Now”

“We ask for answers, we demand. They gave us a refund, but they didn’t give us back our bag of food. The most important thing for the workers is that all non-required workers be reinstated immediately. At that meeting, which took place in June, they told us that they were going to reinstate us, which was a lie. The workers from Ciudad Bolívar and Upata have not been reinstated. They are violating our right to work, they pay us as they want: we do not know what they pay us, nor do we have a payment list,” Muñoz denounced.

The lack of receipt of payment breaches the Article 106 of the Organic Law of Labor, Workers and Workers (Lottt)fact that is a reiterative complaint of all the workers of the holding company CVG.

The leader affirmed that workers not required receive between 300 and 500 bolívares per fortnight. While those who are active in the company receive between 600 and a thousand bolívares per fortnight: the status reduces the salary to 50%.

“We want to protect our jobs. They are giving us an indirect dismissal. We don’t want them to give us the money, we want to work as we have been doing.”

workers without transportation

Directive prevents workers from using company transport
José Basanta, also a member of Movimiento 23 and secretary of records and correspondence of the Union of Alumina Workers (Sutralumina), asserted that for three years the workers residing in Ciudad Bolívar had no transportation, this service was reactivated two weeks ago, however, these units may be used only by persons who appear on a list issued by the board.

According to the complainants, two transport units were contracted for the workers of Ciudad Bolívar and for Upata.

«A list was made, after doing many censuses in which they ask you for a file and ID number. A very small group of them, that is, those who play along and don’t make a fuss, are the ones who decided that they can go to work. They are comrades who have 30 years of service, skilled labor and the administration does not give them entry. Colleagues who have an active card cannot get on the unit, that has never happened before, it is inexplicable that as an active worker they prevent you from getting on the transport, ”Basanta rejected.

The complainants clarified that these employees have sent letters explaining that they are willing to return to their jobs, but have not received any response.

“We have direct information that the order is from Mr. Ernesto Rivero, they are not going to include them. Some colleagues tried to get on the transport unit and denied access. Workers with records and 20 years of service are treated as unknown. None of them are fully paid because they are paid a completely basic salary of 500 bolivars. They promised to reinstate all the workers and they did not fulfill it. We want to denounce this outrage that Ernesto Rivero is doing,” Basanta said.

The general secretary of Sutralumina, Silvano Moreno, reportedly stated that these units would be contracted to assist in the reincorporation of workers not required, however, Movement 23 responded that “if five workers have been reincorporated, it is a lot.”

Bauxite transportation on railways

The installation of a few kilometers of railway track in the company’s facilities, caused the workers to declare, since last week, that the bauxite will begin to be transported by rail. However, the leaders argued that it is too onerous a project for the company’s income.

«Certainly some work is being done in the mine, but from saying to doing it is a long way. For the company it would be a very big saving in terms of river transport, since the barges used by the company are rented. Bauxilum had barges of their own and they let them get lost. If the railway thing happens, the company is going to save a lot of money. But it should be seen, this government is a specialist in lying to the people and disguising the lies with bombs and saucers. That project has existed for 14 years,” said the leader of Movimiento 23.

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