Mouth recovers supported by forcefulness

Mouth recovers supported by forcefulness

“Thank you so much Palermothank you so much Palermothank you so much Palermo”… Juan roman riquelme did not give the distinctions on the field of play to the top scorer in the history of Mouth. His colleagues from the Football Council did it, Mauricio Serna and Marcelo Delgado. However, just like Martín moved everyone in the Bombonera. The fans xeneizes his iconic “9” with that song moved him to the brink of tears. And Palermo, shaken as much as they were, thanked them. Then came the game. And Boca honored Palermo providing a lesson in forcefulness.

The team of Hugo Ibarra had just suffered a tough defeat in Córdoba against workshops, a fall that had triggered multiple unknowns. The xeneizes needed to win yes or yes. And Boca did it with a 3-1, without convincing too much in the game, but hitting mercilessly.

Mouth He opened it early with a header from the firm Nicolás Figal. But immediately Platense tied it via Nicolás Servetto. Then, both teams were dividing the limelight. Until a bug in the output of the squids was squeezed by the explosion of Luca Langoni, who ran and went hand in hand with the goalkeeper Ignacio Arce, who won the duel. But the rebound was left to Michael Merentiel, who nailed the second for Boca.

It seemed averaging the second half that Platense could draw at any time. He had suspense in the Bombonera. However, in a counterattack, Norberto Briasco (He had entered through Langoni) used his body, feinted, hooked towards the middle and took out the missile for the final 3-1. This is a relieving victory for Mouthwhich you will now need to confirm.

In trouble is this new Independent, who had won on the first date in Cordova but then he was never reunited with victory. This Sunday on top of that he was defeated at home, against Defense and Justice: 0-2. The panorama is complicated for the inexperienced coach Leandro Stillitano.

Defense struck fast with a counter-attack goal from “Uvita” Fernandez. Then, barely after the first half hour, Santiago Solari nailed the second. He Red He was too fragile behind, he was left without answers and his fans whistled.

In the other games on Sunday, the Santa Fe classic ended tied: Unión 1 – Colón 1. Talleres beat Central Córdoba 2 – 0. Today the fourth date of the Argentine league will close with two proposals: Sarmiento – San Lorenzo and Atlético Tucumán – Vélez.

There is an absolute pointer at the Argentine soccer played four dates: Lanús with 12 points. The shooting guard is Huracán with 10. Later, Talleres, Defensa and River have 9. In fourth place, with 7, are Boca, Newell’s, Central and Belgrano. They have 6 Argentine units, San Lorenzo and Godoy Cruz. The other two big ones are below: Racing with 5 and Independiente with 4.

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