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Mourão: Brazil changes government from January, but not regime

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Mourão: Brazil changes government from January, but not regime

In a statement on radio and TV, the acting President of the Republic, Hamílton Mourão, said today (31) that Brazil will change its government, but not its regime. “We will maintain our democratic character with balanced and harmonious powers.”

Addressing President Jair Bolsonaro’s voters, he said: “let’s calm down, let’s return to the normality of life, to our tasks and to the concert of our homes, with faith and with the certainty that our elected representatives will make tough opposition to the government without opposition to Brazil”.

He criticized what he called representatives of the Three Powers of the Republic “little identified with the challenge of promoting the common good”. According to him, the leaders should reassure and unite the nation around a project for the country, but “they let silence create a climate of chaos and social breakdown and irresponsibly let the Armed Forces of all Brazilians pay the account,” he criticized.

In his farewell address to the nation, Mourão highlighted that economic, political and social events will continue to impact the lives of Brazilians in the coming years. “Making the hike even more challenging,” he said.

The acting president recalled, once again, the impacts that the covid-19 pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine had on the world economy.

Still on the covid-19 pandemic, he said that the departing government supported state and municipal governments “with resources, doctors and medicines regardless of the political or ideological position of the Chief Executive”.

He highlighted the government’s contributions to the economy, digitalization of public management, regulation of information technology, privatization of state-owned companies, liberalization of the economy and an “effective and silent administrative reform”, he recalled.

He said that his government delivers a country “free of systematic practices of corruption, on economic ascension and with balanced public accounts”. He pointed out that the country is applying to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCED). Market opportunity and new partnerships.

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