Motomami, from Rosalía, triumphs in a Latin Grammy that surrenders to Jorge Drexler

Motomami, from Rosalía, triumphs in a Latin Grammy that surrenders to Jorge Drexler

November 18, 2022, 5:02 AM

November 18, 2022, 5:02 AM

The Revolutionary “Motomami” by Rosalía won the Latin Grammy for Album of the Year, crowning the 23rd edition of the biggest music awards in Spanish and Portuguese that were awarded to the Uruguayan Jorge Drexler, who won seven statuettes.

“‘Motomami’ It is the album that I have had to fight the most to make, that it has cost me the most to do, but that I pushed ahead and that has given me the most joy,” said the Spanish woman, visibly surprised when she received the most important gramophone of the night.

Rosalía and her conceptual production that fuses genres, creates words and promotes visuals, He arrived as one of the most nominated at the ceremony and closed the night with four awards.

The artist unleashed high emotions by singing several of her hits dressed from head to toe in black latex, and by dogging her boyfriend and reggaeton player Rauw Alejandro in the front row of the audience.

The other two most coveted gramophones of the night, Record of the Year and Song of the Year, went to Jorge Drexler and C. Tanganawith his catchy “Tocarte”.

Jorge Drexler and his seven gramophones

“I didn’t expect this,” he said. at the end of the gala an emotional Drexler, who won seven statuettes, tarnishing what was expected to be the great celebration of Bad Bunny.

The Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, absent from the party because he was on the tour of his wildly popular “World’s Hottest Tour,” won five of the ten nominations, including the award for Best urban fusion/interpretation with “Tití me pregunta”, while with “Lo siento BB:”, along with Julieta Venegas and Tainy, he won the Best Reggaeton performance.

Drexler also won with his “Ink and Time” for Best Singer-Songwriter Album, as well as Best Alternative Song, Best Song in the Portuguese Language -together with the Brazilian Marisa Monte- and Best Pop Song, a category in which he declared a tie with the Colombian Sebastián Yatra and his hit “Tacones Rojos”.

Yatrawho said “very happy”, shone in the night singing with star John Legendwho slipped into crimson loafers to sing the catchy ballad.

Fito Paez, that the eve of the party said to keep your expectations in check, it swept all three of its three nominations.

“This is a very exciting moment. I am very passionate about what is happening now,” the 59-year-old artist told the media, reflecting on the moment that Latin music is experiencing, full of mergers and conquests.

Motomami, from Rosalía, triumphs in a Latin Grammy that surrenders to Jorge Drexler

Anitta had a hot performance

brazilian celebration

Before the gala, the Academy held the traditional Premiere, the prelude to the biggest Latin music party, in which most of the winners of the 53 categories of the night were revealed, including those dedicated to the Portuguese language.

Brazilian singer-songwriter Liniker won the Latin Grammy for Best Album of popular Brazilian music with his “Indigo Borboleta Anil”.

“We are making history, it is the first time that a transgender artist has won a Grammy,” Liniker said crying as he received his gramophone.

“Thank you very much to all my team that was with me from the beginning, dreaming,” he continued.

Another artist who celebrated for the first time was Ludmilla, who was moved to thank her first Latin Grammy. “I never imagined it … I struggled a lot and now I’m here,” she said.

Also the legendary Alceu Valença, Erasmo Carlos and Chitaozinho & Chororo.

The Latin Recording Academy dedicated a separate section at the gala to pay posthumous tribute to Gal Costa, legend of Brazilian music and muse of tropicalismo, who passed away this month at the age of 77.

Motomami, from Rosalía, triumphs in a Latin Grammy that surrenders to Jorge Drexler

Luis Fonsi, Laura Pausini, Thalía and Anitta, the hosts

latin explosion

The biggest party in Latin music was an explosion of colors and rhythms.

The ceremony, hosted by the Brazilian Anitta, the Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi, the Mexican Thalía and the Italian Laura Pausini, featured performances by Karol G, Anitta, Jorge Drexler along with Elvis Costello and Gente de Zona, among others.

Also the Mexican Marco Antonio Solís was presented, honored as the Person of the Year by the Latin Recording Academy on the eve of the gala.

The Latin Recording Academy kicked off Latin Grammy week on Tuesday with a special presentation to hear from the eleven nominees in the new artist category.

The gramophone, which consecrated Juanes, Maria Rita and Calle 13 at the beginning of their careers, marked the emotional point of the night when it was awarded in a tie against the Cuban Ángela Álvarez, 95 years oldand the young Mexican Silvana Estrada.

“It’s never too late,” said Álvarez, who began his musical career in his 90s. An auditorium full of heavyweights from the Latin music scene melted into applause.

The Colombian Julio Reyes Copello won the Latin Grammy for Producer of the Year, defeating Édgar Barrera, the second most nominated for this edition with nine nominations.

On Wednesday, in addition, the Academy honored with its special awards musical excellence to the Spanish Rosario Flores, the Chilean Myriam Hernández, the Brazilian Rita Leethe Argentinian Amanda Miguel and the Venezuelan Yordano.

Motomami, from Rosalía, triumphs in a Latin Grammy that surrenders to Jorge Drexler

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