Mothers of April: "Today is national mourning"

Mothers of April: “Today is national mourning”

Four years after the May 30 massacre in which 19 people were murdered by vigilante groups related to the regime, the Mothers of April reaffirmed their right to continue fighting for justice for their relatives, in an activity held at the headquarters of the Human Rights Collective Never Again in San Jose, Costa Rica.

“Today, the Day of National Mourning, for us mothers and relatives is a day of deep pain, but also of great indignation for the irreparable damage that the dictatorship has caused us since April 2018, with its bloody repression that escalated even more after of the massacre of May 30, claiming new lives throughout the country”, reads the statement from the mothers.

Mothers of April on the day in commemoration of the massacre that occurred on May 30, 2018. Photo: Alejandra Padilla/CONFIDENCIAL.

The mothers reiterated their commitment to registering historical memory to clarify the truth and celebrated the appointment of the three independent members of the Group of Experts on Human Rights on Nicaragua, last Tuesday, May 24, by the president of the United Nations Human Rights Council. “We believe that it comes to support the path of truth and justice that we have traced,” the mothers said.

Mothers of April: "Today is national mourning"
Mothers of April next to the “Mural of Truth, Memory and Justice” at the headquarters of the Human Rights Collective Never Again. Photo: Alejandra Padilla/CONFIDENTIAL.

The “Mural of Truth, Memory and Justice” was also inaugurated, elaborated in conjunction with the Museum of Memory and the Human Rights Collective Never Again, which aims to keep alive the memory of the people murdered in the context of the crackdown on anti-government protests in 2018.

The mothers made a call to the Nicaraguan people not to abandon the demand for truth and redouble the active resistance to tear down the wall of impunity imposed by the dictatorship on crimes against humanity. Likewise, they supported the alert call launched by the relatives of the political prisoners at the end of the torture.

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