Dictatorship intends to "erase from memory" the massacre of May 30 by declaring it a national holiday, say victims

Mothers of April propose to declare May 30 “Day of National Mourning”

Faced with the proposal of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo to declare a “national holiday” on May 30, the Mothers of April Association (AMA) called for declaring Nicaraguan Mothers’ Day a “Day of National Mourning.”

On May 30, 2018, one of the darkest days and one of the worst massacres of the April civic insurrection was recorded. In a march organized in support of the mothers of the victims of the repression led by the Ortega-Murillos, more than 20 deaths and some 200 injuries were recorded throughout the country. The dictatorship ordered to attack the demonstrators with bullets.

Rosario Murillo announced last week that they will reform Law 185, the Labor Code, to include May 30 as a national holiday with the right to rest and salary, expanding the days of mandatory rest to 10.

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AMA assures that in the face of the regime’s refusal to recognize the crimes against humanity committed and to investigate the facts and “in the face of the lie that the dictatorship intends to impose; Let us unite our intelligence and knowledge from the different trenches to clarify the truth and prevent impunity.”

“In the face of the repression that seeks to sow terror, let us make efforts to prevent silence so that it is the love of the mother of Nicaragua that not only resounds the entire world but that they make it their own to pave the way to the truth that leads to those responsible for the crimes. crimes against humanity committed against the sons of daughters of Nicaragua to the courts,” says AMA in a statement released on its social networks.

In 2018, when the country was experiencing a civic revolution and they demanded the departure of the dictatorial couple, a series of popular marches were registered that triggered the order “let’s go with everything”, a decision by the regime that culminated in the death of 355 people, according to report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

The mothers of the victims declared themselves in “active resistance against impunity” in their struggle to seek justice for the murders of their relatives. “As victims we will continue to fight, adding wills, solidarity so that progress is made in clarifying the truth and those responsible are brought before the courts of justice,” said AMA.

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