Madre con hija enferma pide ayuda: “¿Dónde están los materiales para construir mi casa?”

Mother with sick daughter asks for help: “Where are the materials to build my house?”

GUANTANAMO, Cuba. — Raisa Consuegra Pérez, from Guantanamo, who has four minor children under her care and care, denounces the difficult situation that is happening to obtain the necessary materials for the construction of her home.

Yasnay ​​Sans Consuegra, Raisa’s eldest daughter, several chronic pathologies that severely affect her life were detected a few years after she was born: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Thrombopathy, Glomerulopathy and Hypercalcemia, to which arterial hypertension was later added. Due to these ailments, the doctor stated that Yasnay ​​should have adequate living conditions to be able to cope with her clinical condition in the best way.

The Consuegra family lived in the town of Cecilia, a town belonging to the main municipality, but the house did not have the necessary conditions that the doctor had prescribed so that Yasnay ​​could live with his illnesses.

After Raisa spent a few years carrying out procedures in various government institutions where she requested help, including complaints on social networks, in 2018, the provincial government of Guantánamo granted her a piece of land in the Reparto Obrero and a construction subsidy of 86,000 pesos for the construction of a house that met the appropriate conditions.

Since the land and the subsidy were granted, this Guantanamo family has made several efforts to buy the necessary materials for the construction of their home. However, every time they go to the market, the materials run out and they cannot buy everything they need.

Raisa says that on at least three occasions when they sold materials, she was unable to obtain them due to their low availability. Her mother appeared three times at the provincial government to see if she could prioritize her case. The first time she was told that she had to wait until they had sufficient availability of materials in the province and on the other occasions they did not attend her, alleging that she had to make an appointment.

“I have been living for more than a year in a temporary facility that I have built with my own means on the land that was granted to me, but that has no conditions. Due to the rain and the humidity, the only seat I had and a wardrobe that a friend gave me was spoiled,” she lamented.

“Where do I have to go to solve this situation? If a subsidy has been approved since 2018, where are the materials to build my house? Whenever I go to the slaughterhouse they tell me ´yes there was, but they are over! And they never give me answers.

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