Mother relives pain after seeing aggression against her son in Huancavelica

Mother relives pain after seeing aggression against her son in Huancavelica

On November 11, 2018, in one of the beds of the Dos de Mayo hospital, in the city of Lima, Kevin Ángel Mercado Morán, a young man of just 19 years of age, died who was brutally beaten in the city of Huancavelica, months before his fateful death.

Pictures of the case.

Since the conviction in this case was annulled in the Appeals Chamber, Mrs. Rosa Morán (56) had to witness once again the aggression that her son received.

Shortly before Mother’s Day, a member of the Huancavelica Court held a hearing for the new oral trial, in which prosecutor Alan Martínez presented the images recorded by surveillance cameras the night the events occurred.


The tax approach is that, the night the events occurred (the last hours of March 14, 2018 and the first hours of March 15, 2018), the brothers Damián (36) and Rubén Pedro (34) Escobar Mendoza attacked Kevin to the point of leaving him serious.

Oral trial hearing.
Oral trial hearing.

The beating kept the young man bedridden until the day of his death. According to the death certificate, Kevin died of pneumonia, respiratory failure and severe Head Trauma (TBI).

Likewise, at the hearing, the psychology expert, Elia Vilcahuamán, reported that both brothers are passive-aggressive and have poor impulse control at the behavioral level.

After the report, the images of the aggression were shown, at which time the mother gathered all her strength not to faint, while crying. “We only ask for justice. May my son’s death not go unpunished. What happened to him could also happen to his children, ”said Ángel Mercado, Kevin’s father, crying.

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The hearing of this case will continue on May 12, 2022, at 6:15 p.m., and the forensic doctor Juana Rentería must appear.

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