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Senator Fernando Silva Facetti lamented the decrease in the Itaipu tariff on the Brazilian side, against the income that Paraguay will receive. He said that the neighbors are always more astute and that he hopes that the “Messi” of the negotiation will arrive in our country.

“Brazilians always They are more alive than us the issue is that the authorities do not put, I understand the desire, If you are going to give up something, they will compensate you with something, but here you always give up and there is no compensation ”, Silva Facetti expressed in an interview with Universo – Nación Media radio.

He indicated that by lowering the price of energy against the income that Paraguay will receive, At least our country should be allowed to sell the energy it does not use to another market.

We are still waiting for Messi to come to revolutionize the negotiation of energywhich is our main source of income after the commodities we have,” he said.

Ángel Paniagua, president of the Permanent Commission of Congress, confirmed that the Paraguayan director of Itaipu, Manuel María Cáceres; the Minister of Foreign Relations, Julio Arriola and the head of ANDE, Félix Sosa are summoned for January 11 at the headquarters of the Congress.

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It will be pIn order for them to explain what they think they will talk to the Brazilian foreign minister on January 1 about the rate, during the inauguration of Lula Da Silva. The idea was for the authorities to speak before Congress before the end of the year, but the Minister of Foreign Relations asked to postpone the call by virtue of said trip, in which they will supposedly talk with Brazil.

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Bolsonaro is in his last week in powerr, but last Monday he repeated the play of a year ago and already defined the rate that Brazil will pay from 2023, with a reduction of 38.9%, with which, from USD 20.75 it drops to USD 12.67.

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