Mother of Ángel Gahona after five years of the unpunished murder: “I hope for God’s justice”

Amanda Lopez, journalist’s mother Angel Gahonaassassinated on April 21, 2018, visited his son’s burial site this Friday, after commemorating five years of the crime that still remains in impunity.

With sighs and a broken voice, when remembering the Blufileño communicator, his mother expressed to Article 66 that he has “strength and faith in God because he is the only one who can do justice.”

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“I do not expect anything from the justice of men, because the Bible says that the justice of men, before God, is like filthy rags (…) I know very well that before men we cannot receive true justice” , said the also widow of Angel Gahonafather of the reporter, who died in September 2021.

«I hope in the justice of God; If that moment comes, maybe I won’t see it but the younger ones will. God knows why he slows things down,” he added.

Mother of Ángel Gahona after five years of the unpunished murder:
Mother of Ángel Gahona after five years of the unpunished murder: “I await God’s justice”. Photo: Article 66 / Social networks

On the other hand, López stressed that there are few journalists left in Nicaragua, for which he regrets that on this occasion there will be no tributes in the country for his son. “Today – Friday – I was next to my son’s grave to have a moment of prayer in that place,” he said through tears.

Ángel Gahona was, according to his mother, someone very special and “no one will be able to fill that void he left in my heart. Ángel was my eldest son; he was the joy of family gatherings ».

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The last memory that Amanda López has was when — days before April 21 — Ángel Gahona said goodbye to her, who was on her way to Costa Rica. “My son turned to hug me and tell me to give a message to an apostle, then he hugged me and kissed me. That was the farewell.”

This date mourned independent journalism in Nicaragua, after Gahona was the first journalist killed during the 2018 protests, while doing his job.

«It is already five years since the death of my son, we know that he is the new martyr of public liberties in Nicaragua. God in his due time will give us justice, “concluded Amanda López.

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