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“Mother, I feel empty because of the distance and your concern”

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MADRID, Spain.- “Mother, I feel empty because of the distance and your concern,” wrote the Cuban political prisoner Duannis León Taboada in an emotional letter to his mother.

Taboada, only 24 years old and sentenced to 14 years in prison for his participation in the demonstrations on July 11, 2021 (11J), in the letter he asks God to protect his mother, Jenni Taboada, to give him “ health, love, health, intelligence, courage and strength to face the sad reality, so that it does not fall into a hole and be happy”.

“I communicate mentally, an imaginary hug, I close my eyes: a lot of love, a kiss, a tear. Differentiated, sterile feeling in this gray, black place. My heart breaks when I imagine all the weight you carry on your back. I am your biggest concern, plus the family and social problems that surround you. Because you will fight for justice with all your might; and if they run out, you will continue to fight to the death”, read the letter, shared this Thursday through Facebook by activist Tania Tase.

The young man also says “drown in uncertainty” and wishes “to be able to erase this time that marked their lives.”

“I wouldn’t want you to find yourself involved in this situation. Your infinite feelings are the mirror of your person. You love the world regardless of its dark places. I promise that when I am freed, I will heal all the cracks in your chest. No more sadness! Let the smiles bloom on our faces! (…) The present shows that you are my sun, my salvation, ”the young man wrote to his mother.

Sharing the letter, Tania Tase stressed that Duannis León Taboada cares about his mother instead of complaining about his confinement.

Just as she revealed when she goes to the prison to visit him, Jenni Taboada puts on up to three changes of clothes so that Duannis doesn’t notice her thinness.

They’re not criminals, damn it! They are just a mother and her poet child trying to give her love and strength from her brutal confinement,” Tase expressed.

In conversations with CubaNet Last June, Jenni Taboada explained that the conditions in which her son was living were inhumane.

“The day of the visit, what I witnessed together with my 11-year-old daughter, the place of the visit was like a cage, it shocked me so much that I didn’t know whether to enter or not, and I just wanted to hug my son,” the woman recounted.

Before the historic 9/11 protests, Duannis was a normal boy, with many projects and very clear ideas of what he wanted for the future, his mother said.

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