Motagua defeats Tauro and advances to the semifinals

Motagua defeats Tauro and advances to the semifinals

The Motagua from Honduras defeated this Wednesday 5-4 (0-0) in the definition from the penalty spot against Taurus F.C.. of Panama and advanced to the semifinals of the Concacaf League 2022.

The picture of Motagua He went out onto the field with the game idea of ​​putting pressure on the opponent with a controlled ball.

That control of the ball led to the visitor’s first shot, at minute 6 Walter Martinez He shot from medium distance that was deflected from the bullfighting arch, guarded by Eric Hughes.

Two minutes later, Eddie Hernandez he landed a cross, but the header missed the finish line.

The Panamanians always played against, for speed and on the wings, with Omar Valenciathis game led to that at minute 13 Ernest Sinclair embarrassed the goalkeeper jonathan rougier with a strong finish.

At minute 20, Ivan Lopez shot, but the shot went outside, the Taurus.

It wasn’t until minute 40 that Omar Valencia He took a dangerous shot, but the ball whizzed past the right post of the goalkeeper’s goal. Motagua.

The last danger of the first half occurred at minute 45 in a shot from Ernest Sinclairbut again the ball did not go in the direction of the goal.

With the score at 0-0 and 135 minutes played in this quarterfinal key, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the first half of the duel.

In the second half, both teams played not to make mistakes and caused few dangerous plays.

The first clear was at minute 59, in a shot from Sinclair that covered Rougierdrowning out the scream of goal from the fans of the Taurus.

Angel Tejedaat 79, he tried it from long distance, but his shot went over the bullfighting goal.

He had the last clear goal Hilbert Peraltaat minute 80, but his shot covered it Rougierwho at the end of the duel became a key figure for Motagua.

After 180 minutes and five more extensions, the duel ended and everything was decided from the penalty spot.

In the definition to penalties, those of the Motagua they were more accurate. They scored for the “blue eagles”: Roberto Moreira, Ángel Tejeda, Wesly Decas, Marcelo Santos and Jesse Moncada.

for the Taurus, Edwin Aguilar, Jorge Gutiérrez, Rolando Botello, Miguel Camargo scored and Richard Rodríguez’s shot was saved by Jonathan Rougier.

With the result 5-4 in the penalty round, Motagua from Honduras left Tauro FC from Panama on the road and their rival in the semifinals will come out of the bracket between Honduran Olimpia and Diriangen from Nicaragua.

Data sheet:

0 (4). Taurus: Eric Hughes; Gustavo Chará, Luis Asprilla, Jan Vargas, Jorge Gutiérrez; Ernesto Sinclair (m.75 Edwin Aguilar), Sergio Cunningham (m.93 Richard Rodríguez), Irving Gudiño (m.75 Hilbetrto Peralta), Rolando Botello, Omar Valencia (m.62 Víctor Medina); Michael Camargo

Coach: Francis Pearl.

0 (5). Motagua: Jonathan Rougier; Marcelo Santos, Marcelo Pereira, Wesly Decas, Denil Maldonado; Juan Delgado (m.57 Jesse Moncada), Héctor Castellanos, Walter Martínez (m.57 Carlos Mejía), Diego Rodríguez (m.68 Mauro Ortiz); Eddie Hernández (m.75 Roberto Moreira) and Iván López (m.76 Ángel Tejeda).

Coach: Hernan Medina.

Penalties: Scored: (C), Roberto Moreira (M), Edwin Aguilar (T), Ángel Tejeda (M), Jorge Gutiérrez (T), Wesly Decas (M), Rolando Botello (T), Marcelo Santos (M), Miguel Camrgo (T) and Jesse Moncada (M). Failed: Richard Rodriguez (T).

Referee: Jose Torres, from Puerto Rico. He showed yellow card to Denyl Maldonado and Marcello Pereira from Motagua and for Tauro Hilberto Peralta saw yellow.

Incidents: Match of the quarterfinals of the 2022 Concacaf League played at the University Stadium, in the Panamanian province of Coclé.

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