Most expensive school items: which increased their price the most?

Most expensive school items: which increased their price the most?

Within the framework of the beginning of classes, the Consumer Price Information System developed a study based on price data sent by 393 establishments. In addition, the stationery stores were surveyed:, Gandulia, La Papelera, Mosca, Office2000, and Papacito.

The price survey takes 55 school items during the period February 1 to 16, 2023 and compares them with the same period in 2022. The result shows that the average price increases for 38 items, while only three decreases.

The items that show a greater increase in their average price are: 48-sheet pack with Tabare blue margin, 12-unit Acrilex crayons, 100-sheet soft-cover Papyrus notebook, 48-sheet pack with Tabaré squared sheets, and 1/8 Caballito block of white sheets.

Meanwhile, within the group of items that reduce their price, there are: Pilot 0.7 metal tip ballpoint pen in two-unit blister pack, Papyrus spiral lined notebook 48 sheets, and Stadler pencil eraser in two-unit blister pack.

Average price

Taking into account products that are sold individually in stationery stores, the average price of a Bic pen is $29 (18.3% more than last year), and that of a black Bic pencil is $18 (40% more than last year). in 2022). On the other hand, the packs present in supermarkets of the same products have the following average prices: 4 Bic pens $124 (8.9% more than in 2022), and 4 Bic black pencils $82 (14.1% more than the year former).

The following graph prepared by the Consumer Price Information System of the Consumer Defense Unit shows the variation in average prices in February 2022 compared to the same month in 2023 for a sample of school supplies.

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