Most expensive apartment in Bogotá, how is it?

Most expensive apartment in Bogotá, how is it?

The capital of the country has become one of the most expensive Latin American cities to livesince for several years and also due to global economic inflation, Buying an apartment or a house has become a bit complex and that is why many people choose nearby municipalities to get a property.

However, for citizens who do have the money and who are lovers of exclusivity and luxuriesthey can see in an ostentatious apartment the opportunity to have the home of their dreams.

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The Chicó neighborhood is one of the most expensive and exclusive in the city, It is not for nothing that it ranks ninth among the most expensive in the entire continent, since each square meter of the properties found in this place is quite high.

Thus, CCAsa Inomobiliaria, published through its social networks, several photographs of a property located in this neighborhood, where a penthouse with several very fine finishes and wide spaces between its rooms is shown.s, clearly has the necessary security measures.

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