Morena's "corcholatas" in CDMX will depend on the presidential candidacy

Morena’s “corcholatas” in CDMX will depend on the presidential candidacy

Candidacy in suspense due to internal and external factors

Marco Arellano Toledo, political scientist and professor of political science at UNAM, assures that, unlike what happens towards the presidential succession, that political “effervescence” cannot be felt in the capital since this is defined by different internal and external factors to the Morena party.

One of them is that the “jewel in the crown” in economic and vote matters – the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office – is governed by the opposition and for this reason, Morena focuses all its efforts to try to position itself from the lost demarcation in 2021.

“The Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office moves a lot of money and electoral and political capital, that’s why in Morena they are very angry because they cannot control this capacity. Mexico City is the sounding board of the national discussion, so we have to wait for a designation of the presidential candidacy. An important factor is that in 2021, it was shown that the capital is in opposition to the federal government and that is going to play against it in 2024, the Morenoites know it, ”he explains in an interview.

The survey will be “the key”

The 2024 electoral process in Mexico City will take place fivefold, since in addition to the Presidency of the Republic, the “chilangos” will vote to renew the head of government, the 16 mayors and the 66 deputies in the local Congress, in addition to voting for federal deputies and senators.

For the leader of Morena in the capital, anyone who aspires to the head of government must have – from his perspective – qualities of honesty, decency and who passes anti-corruption tests can participate in the race to 2024, whether or not they are a militant, since this is established in the party statutes and if the polls support it, it may appear on the ballot.

“The state council proposes three (candidates), the national council proposes two and whoever wins the poll is the candidate, our statute is very democratic unlike other parties because everything comes from the base and from the districts and anyone can participate , then we don’t see any greater risk”, he trusts.

Between September and December of this year, Morena’s letters towards the head of government will begin to be made visible, although according to the consulted political scientist, this will also influence the appointment of mayoral candidates, since Morena faces another challenge; make up lost ground in 2021 and the opposition will seek to maintain and expand its political presence in the capital.

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