Morena Vs. Morena: accuse spending of 20 million pesos in #EsClaudia billboards

Morena Vs. Morena: accuse spending of 20 million pesos in #EsClaudia billboards

The Morenista from Guanajuato did the math and demanded that his party colleagues make the expenses transparent and show the invoices with the payments, which show the months contracted for the promotion of the head of government.

“Since the monthly allowance of a legislator is $75,000 and the bonus was $140,000, there is a huge difference between the income for the month of December and the cost of the advertising campaign, we would also have to consider the months contracted.”

On Tuesday, five deputies from Morena were awarded the contracting of the dozens of billboards distributed throughout the country, including Patricia Armendáriz, Miguel Torruco and the vice coordinator of the bench, Aleída Alavez.

Reyes Carmona considered that this could put at risk a possible application of that candidate and cause possible sanctions for Morena, although he clarified that he will not file a complaint on the matter with the National Electoral Institute (INE), the body before which the same Sheinbaum sent a letter to disclaim of the promotion

Deputy Daniel Sibaja, from Morena, also questioned the validity of the promotion they carry out, among others Deputy Torruco, whom he questioned on Twitter.

Reforms on the promotion of applicants enter into force

This Wednesday the reforms to the General Law of Social Communication which are part of the electoral “Plan B” approved in mid-December by Congress and through which the promotion of government achievements is relaxed.

The foregoing, after it was decided with the changes that “the manifestations of public servants who make use of their freedom of expression and in the exercise of their public functions do not constitute government propaganda.”

In addition, it is established that “information of public interest carried out by public servants, in accordance with the General Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information, disseminated in any format for free” does not constitute government propaganda.

With this, the morning sessions of President LĂłpez Obrador and other conferences or publications on free social networks by public servants and aspirants will not be taken with personalized promotion, whether or not there are electoral campaigns.

The opposition has announced that it will promote an action of unconstitutionality before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), since it is article 134 of the Constitution that prohibits personalized advertising by public servants.

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