Morena presidential candidates talk about risks, unity and strengths towards 2024

Morena presidential candidates talk about risks, unity and strengths towards 2024

One, Monreal, described it as offensive to be called “corcholatas”, others spoke about the alleged favoritism of the president and about the conditions in the Morenista contest, however all said they were prepared to continue the government project headed by President López Workshop.

Here the most outstanding phrases of the applicants.

Marcelo Ebrard

-“The basis of the unity is that there is a competition that is fair as it was between Andrés and me in 2011, so there was no problem. If it had not been something balanced, agreed and transparent, we would have had a big problem at that time. So you have to do the same. If so, I don’t see any difficulty.”

-“The president has said that he does not want there to be a process of covertism, favoritism, that it be open, that it be transparent, that people participate. So, he is also innovating in that, it is something new. Assuming he hadn’t said it, everyone would also be on the subject, it’s always happened”.

-“The fact that there was no respect for all of us who participated (could cause a fracture towards 2024); he deliberately acted to tip things in someone’s favour. So he would put himself at risk, but if not, I don’t see how.”

-“No (I would wait until 2030). I would think. Look. If I now have the opportunity to participate, I have to participate in the survey, in the movement in which I am participating. Another thing, I don’t see it. I don’t think it would be consistent right now And, and in other terms, well, imagine! In the 30th, God knows! It’s right now and aside, we’re doing well.”

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