Morena in exile: the party celebrates a year and a half expelled from its headquarters

Morena in exile: the party celebrates a year and a half expelled from its headquarters

But Cáceres exposes that they are self-financing among the militants because in 29 entities they ignore the leadership of Morena and ask for the departure of Mario Delgado, who – in his opinion – is the main promoter of anti-democracy that has not allowed the participation of the bases in applications.

In addition, he contradicts Delgado, since he affirms that he now faces a complaint for dispossession, promoted by the national leader, but anticipates that he has authorization to occupy the house.

He says that since January 2021, “Morena’s general secretary, Citlalli Hernández, issued us a letter that validates us to be here, because it says that the building is under our protection. The same day we got here they gave it to us because we came on a date and they cheated on us. They asked us to stay and wait and here we are”.

On that date, Morena became a militancy magnet as dozens of members came to register as candidates. At that time Delgado and some members of the CEN occasionally dispatched there, but then disagreements arose, among them those of Cáceres, who heads the National Coordinator of Founders, Militants and supporters of Morena.

The headquarters of Morena used to be the meeting point for militants and people with petitions.

He remembers that moment “the first meeting was on January 12 at the Sevilla Palace, he didn’t want to receive us, we spent two days outside and then he sent us an appointment. There we delivered the petition, we asked for the dismissal for violation of the statutes and he asked us to remove that point to be able to negotiate ”.

He abounds in the story: “We removed it, we were 16 entities, he summoned us (in the mansion) on January 28 and the man was, I believe, in Nayarit and here we waited, there were 16 of us, now we are militants from 29 states that we do not know about.”

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