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Morena committees will combat misinformation, says Delgado

Plan B will affect the access of vulnerable groups to Congress, says the INE

From the editorial

Newspaper La Jornada
Saturday March 4, 2023, p. 3

The national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, stressed that the Defense Committees of the 4T, which already operate in a large part of the country, will fight misinformation and lie campaigns that the opposition disseminates around the electoral reform

The main fallacy that the right and its parties propagate, he said, is that it is intended to finish with the National Electoral Institute (INE), when the reality is that the reform is intended to reduce the high cost of that body and Buckle up advisors, ’cause they win like kings.

Just look, he stressed, the liquidation that Lorenzo Córdova (president of the INE) is going to take, nothing more and nothing less than 11 million pesos, which belong to the people, because they come from taxes and we are against thathe commented when taking protest to the Defense Committees of the Fourth Transformation of the Iztapalapa mayor’s office.

There, he insisted that the intention is to form an army of 4T defendersthat help clarify false news and with it, safeguard the future of our countrysince the opponents are “so angry that the only thing left for them is a lie.

If we want this project to continue, we have to get very alivehe insisted, and asked them to have a very active participation within their communities and report on the achievements of the governments of the Transformation to reduce the number of people who fall into opponents lies.

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