Moreira does not define if he will support Laura Raffo

Moreira does not define if he will support Laura Raffo

Mayor Carlos Moreira told EL ECO that although the pieces have already begun to move towards the next elections, agreements with sectors at the national level have not yet been closed, which will take place in the second half of next year.

Laura Raffo who travels the country in the construction of a nationalist movement on the way to the next elections, after visiting the mayor of Soriano, Guillermo Besozzi, on Monday the 12th was in the department of Colonia and “visited me at the mayor’s office,” she said Moreira, to EL ECO We talked about what national politics is, but at this moment there is no commitment. Today she appears as a firm candidate for the presidency of the Republic for the National Party for Herrerismo ”, she maintained.

“I do not have any agreement,” the mayor specified; “We are talking with everyone, we want to work to contribute to a new victory for the National Party, and then we will decide

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