More than 9,300 people were treated so far in Operative Caacupé 2022

More than 9,300 people were treated so far in Operative Caacupé 2022

After the central mass of Caacupé, this Thursday the 8th, 9,364 people who required some type of medical attention were reported since the beginning of the Caacupé Operation of the Ministry of Health, on November 28.

Health authorities reported that the most frequent causes of consultation and care were: muscle pain, hypertension, headache and cramps.

On the busiest days at Villa Serrana, 5,520 people were attended between December 7 and the early hours of December 8.

In addition, the report presented indicates that 178 people were treated through the SEME service, of which 51 were referred to the Caacupé Regional Hospital.

The authorities recalled the importance of having adequate footwear, since many attentions were due to foot injuries. They also remembered not to expose older adults or children due to high temperatures.

About; Dr. Hernán Martínez, opined: “many people did not listen to the recommendations and brought children and the elderly. On a tour at dawn we saw many children sleeping on the floor. Exposing a young child to this type of walking is not recommended.”

Vaccination against covid-19 is also carried out in the installed posts. However, so far, 25 people who received the covid-19 vaccine and about 15 who received the dose against influenza have been registered.

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