More than 9,000 applicants for 220 vacancies: Itaipu denies the "tailor-made" contest

More than 9,000 applicants for 220 vacancies: Itaipu denies the “tailor-made” contest

In commemoration of Mother’s Day, eight women deprived of liberty (MPL) were recognized for their efforts in social reinsertion programs and obtained “redemption”, “transitory release” and “parole” benefits.

The Minister of Justice, Daniel Benítez, and the Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), Carolina Llanes, presided over the act that took place at the Casa del Buen Pastor Women’s Penitentiary Center, where five benefited MPLs were recognized by the legal figure of “redemption”, namely: Claudelina Torres, Teresa López, Romina González, Celia Ayala and Rosana Benítez.

Besides, Liza Bogarín obtained the extension of her benefit in “transitory exit”, while the “Conditional releases” were granted to Josefina Franco and Jessica Figueredo.

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During his speech, Minister Benítez thanked the collaboration of the ministers of the CSJ, the Public Ministry and the Ministry of Public Defense in the joint work carried out to achieve these positive results in prison visits and monitoring of particular cases.

More than 9,000 applicants for 220 vacancies: Itaipu denies the "tailor-made" contest

For her part, Minister Llanes returned the thanks and promised the cooperation of the Judiciary with the Ministry of Justice. Likewise, she urged the MPL del Buen Pastor to continue working on their social reinsertion and to maintain the hope of obtaining benefits for their good behavior, in accordance with the provisions of the Penal Enforcement Code.

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It is worth mentioning that Sentence redemption is a benefit that allows those convicted of non-serious crimes to reduce their sentence through work or studywhile probation is a measure that allows the convicted person to serve his sentence outside of jail, as long as it meets certain conditions imposed by the judge.

On the other hand, temporary release is a benefit that allows the convicted person to leave prison for a limited period, in order to carry out specific activities, such as work, study or visit family.

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