More than 80,000 people, including tourists and crew members, have landed at the Home Port of Colón

So far in the 2022-2023 cruise season, a total of 85,000 people have gone down to the Home Port in the province of Colón.

Iris Correa, regional head of the National Migration Service in the province of Colón, explained that more than 50,000 tourists and some 35,000 crew members have landed at the Home Port of Colón this season and that a total of 46 cruise ships have arrived at ports of Colón .

This displacement has produced an important economic movement in the province.

He said that in order to have an operating system that facilitates the entry into the country of tourists and crew members, they have made significant efforts to provide a fast and secure visa and passport review service.

“It is a commitment to give the best attention to visitors, for this reason we have increased the number of attention machines, in order to provide a fast service and that the traveler can enjoy their stay in our country much more,” said Correa.

This movement in the Home Port of Colón will increase during the second half of December, due to the increase in the number of cruise ships, tourists and crew members that will arrive for the year-end holidays.

“We are ready to welcome these people to our country, and provide them with the best service,” Correa said.

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