More than 7,000 15-year-old students will take the PISA 2022 tests between August and September

More than 7,000 15-year-old students will take the PISA 2022 tests between August and September

The PISA 2022 tests will be carried out by some 7,500 students from 230 educational centers in Uruguay, in order to assess the educational situation and skills in reading, mathematics, science and creative thinking, reported the president of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP). ), Robert Silva. The evaluations will take place between August 15 and September 24.

The presentation, this Friday the 12th, in the auditorium of the ANEP headquarters, was also attended by the director of Secondary School, Jenifer Cherro; the test coordinator, Laura Novoa; the teaching secretary of the University of Labor of Uruguay (UTU), Osvaldo Rodríguez, and the member of the Central Board of Directors (Codicen) Dora Graziano.

The tests will cover 230 public and private high schools, technical and rural schools with 7th, 8th and 9th grades. They will be held in August and September 2022 and some 7,500 students will participate.

PISA is the most important international student assessment program, since it involves more than 85 countries, and the largest for 15-year-olds, in which, through everyday life situations, they generate inputs for decision-making in the field of teaching. Assess reading, math and science skills. In 2022, mathematics and creative thinking of students will be prioritized.

In the web sample activities can be accessed, so that the student knows the dynamics, the format and contents similar to those of the real evaluation. The duration of the test is 2 hours, plus 45 minutes, destined to complete a questionnaire that will allow analyzing attitudes towards learning and motivation, among other aspects.

For Silva, the results are important because they allow obtaining more accurate evidence of the course of teaching in Uruguay, as well as the motivation of the students, the involvement and their expectations.

Novoa, meanwhile, pointed out that one of the objectives of the tests is to know the educational situation of our country in relation to others in Latin America with the best average learning performances, as well as the inequalities of Uruguay and the increasing rate of repetition, compared to other nations in the region.

In addition, he referred to the importance of finding out aspects related to coexistence in the centers and sociability.

Uruguay has participated in the PISA tests since 2003, the first edition of which was in 2000, Silva said. He explained that both the educational centers and the students are selected randomly and have already been notified.

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