More than 70 members of the security forces involved in illegal acts so far in 2022

This year, the Security Estates have been splashed by organized crime, since in just 4 months more than 70 members of these institutions have been dismissed and placed at the orders of the authorities to be prosecuted.

Last week, the director of the National Police, Jonh Dorheim, had revealed that within this entity more than 50 police officers had been discharged for being involved in illegal acts, and on Tuesday morning, the director of the National Naval Air Service (Senan) Jeremías Urieta Quintero stated that 20 members of the entity were removed from the ranks for the same reason.

“We have definitely had units that have dishonored the institution, they have dishonored the name of the National Naval Air Service and they have not fulfilled that oath to serve the country and decided to serve organized crime,” he said, assuring that they are permanently purging the entity. and following up on those staff who stray from the right path.

Urieta said that so far this year there are about 20 units that have not only been detected and removed from their position, but have also been placed under the orders of the competent authorities, of which several are being processed by the Public Ministry.

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